Electric problem restoring via seeds

On a separate local machine I restore the wallet with the seed … No funds available.


The last says:

After restoring your wallet, Electrum can list previous transactions as "unverified". This condition will persist until Electrum completes synchronization with its server. You can monitor the progress from the Network window. Access it by clicking on the circle in the lower right part of the main window. When the block count in "Blockchain" is equal to the height indicated for the servers to which you are connecting, Electrum will be completely synchronized and all confirmed transactions will be displayed correctly in the History tab.

Tested seed in the exodus, says "invalid key"

Electrum has its own systems to generate private keys from seed phrases. Normally it does not use the BIP-39 standard that is commonly used by other portfolios.

The Exodus documentation does not mention the import of Electrum seed phrases as far as I can see.

In Can I import a private key they say?

IMPORTANT NOTE: This does not "matter" the private key. Simply move the funds from the address to Exodus and this transfer has transaction fees. This is because Exodus uses a 12 word restore phrase to restore all funds. Therefore, in order to recover funds from the 12 word phrase, Exodus must make this transfer.

For me, it seems that using Exodus is a bad choice to check the balance of an Electrum wallet.