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I have been using Google Ads for a while for many of my websites, some of which show a positive reception and others not so much.

I decided to set up a couple of campaigns for my Hive Gamurs website and I'm pretty sure I managed somewhere : Roll your eyes:

With these campaigns, I'm targeting certain keywords for the site in general, as well as certain campaigns that point to certain features of our site. All campaigns in total have a shared budget.

however, I connect today to see that my average CPC is $ 5.10. What is crazy (I try to put it in approximately $ 1), so I currently pay 5 times my budget for CPC.

Also, I spent $ 600 for a useless 58k print and only 116 clicks. Some cpc reach $ 24 per click!
[​IMG]"data-url =" https://snap.me/images/6cLDKZ.png

[​IMG]"data-url =" https://snap.me/images/9485Ec.png

Clearly this campaign went wrong somewhere.

Does anyone else have experience with Google Ads (formally AdWords), and do you have any advice to get good results and the best investment?

My past experience has been pretty lucky, mainly aimed at the websites of my competitors. With Hive Gamurs, I decided to go by a different route. As I really do not see any competitors at this time, besides the big ones, like IGN, with whom, well, you can not compete unless you have a lot of funds to take the search results.

You may need a new approach.