Effective methods to win new members

Internet marketing is full of so-called gurus, who sell their theories; As if, they were concrete facts, proven by time.

Now we know what it takes to get new members. This knowledge is a scientifically proven fact.

Let's go deeper into it! We must!


Establish confidence!

Of course, the importance of trust is obvious. As George Orwell said, "The correction of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men."

Affiliates do not promote your products because they love you. They promote their products because they want to be paid.

Affiliates do not want to have faith that you will pay them. Nobody cares how honest you are in real life. Its affiliates do not know it and do not need to know it. They must trust that they will be paid.

This is what you need, deep chisel in your mind; Until, take a firm grip on your subconscious.


Place your product on a trusted third party site such as clickbank.com, click2sell.eu or paykickstart.com. There are dozens of other affiliate platforms; but these 3 are known and trusted by the most experienced affiliates.

Lesson 2

Preparatory work
You must provide proof that your product is converted.

If you are going to succeed, you can not ignore this primordial and general rule. Any potential affiliate, contemplating whether to promote your product or not, should know immediately, if your product is converted or not.

How can this test be delivered?

"If you want something to be done well, do it yourself." Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

If Napoleon really said that or not, it is irrelevant to the point, which I will declare in an instant. If it is better to delegate or do things yourself, it is irrelevant to the point, which I declare immediately.

"Promote your product!"

So, do not miss the point: "you have to promote your own product".

The convertibility test can not be a single sale, which he made months ago. You need to continuously rate several sales per month. When can you stop promoting your own product? After sales have gained momentum, thanks to the efforts of dozens of affiliates.

Why should you continue to promote your product? Until, the sales made by the affiliates have gathered enough momentum?

To answer this question, let's look at clickbank.com. Clickbank.com has a market metric called "gravity". Gravity provides reliable data on the number of affiliates that have earned commissions when promoting their product in the last 12 weeks.

"Gravity" tells affiliates that during the last 3 months, people sold their product and received their payment.

That means that your product is a hot cake for current and current consumers. Potential affiliates should know at a glance that their product can be sold to today's consumers; They were not consumers of the time, when it was great, to hear Madonna sing the virtues of being a "Material Girl" on cassette tapes.

This is what you need to retain:


It is imperative that you have a clear understanding of this fact: any scam will be discovered quickly.

What happens if you supply false proofs of conversions?

Any affiliate that attracts will not be able to sell their products. After some unsuccessful attempts to sell your product, you will simply reduce your losses and move on. Affiliates will continue. You will not do it You will leave the internet market space. It is the fate of all scammers.


Lesson 3

To be professional!

Believe me, when I tell you that professionalism is not obvious. It is an attribute in chronic shortage. In the three main affiliate marketing platforms: clickbank.com, click2sell.eu and paykickstart.com, there are products among the top 100 without affiliate pages.

It gets worse, there are products without support page, without contact page, etc. Wait, it gets worse! There are pages on the site of the offer that return "error 404", that is, dead links.


If you really want experienced affiliates to promote your product, it's better to have live links for all your pages. And do well to have an affiliate page that works.

What information should jump from your affiliate page?

I told you before. Now, I'm telling you again. Your affiliate is interested in the commissions you will receive for promoting your product. It is the reason why he is there.

Indicate the commission or the commission rate.

Is it a one-time purchase? Is it a product on a subscription basis (monthly, quarterly, annual)? Will the affiliate be paid each time the subscription is renewed? Will the affiliate be paid only for the initial sale?

Full disclosure is not optional. It is mandatory. The compensation plan must be free from all ambiguity. You do not want to be on the wrong side of an affiliate with substantial influence because you did not make the compensation plan clear enough.

Happens all the time. An affiliate may have the impression that they will receive paid commissions during the term of a subscription, that is, as long as the client to whom they refer remains subscribed. But the owner of the product (you) only pays one year of commissions.

Be clear! Do not leave room for ambiguity!

The first information that should be on your affiliate page is the compensation that affiliates will get for promoting your product.

The second part of information that is often ignored is the value that affiliate traffic will get from your product.

The importance of the value that your product provides to affiliate referrals depends on the source of the affiliate's traffic.

We will reach the different types of affiliates and their traffic sources later.

Affiliates who use paid traffic sources worry about the value they get from their product. Affiliates who get their traffic from their email lists are more concerned with the value their referrals get from their product. Affiliates who get organic traffic from their blogs or forums worry more about the value they get from their referrals traffic.

"A good seller makes his customers come back again and again for more." Jean Paul Getty.

The owners of the site are not interested in throwing scams on their visitors. This will deactivate your traffic and, in the long run, produce a lower search engine ranking on your site.

Some forum or blog owners have spent years building authority and trust. We are talking about guys who are on the first or second page of Google SERP. They will not promote your product in your forum or blog; if they are not convinced that the product will add value to any customer they refer. If you have a low quality product, you should never recruit this type of affiliate.

Lesson 4

Adapt your approach to fit each specific category of affiliates!

In essence, affiliates fall into three categories: inorganic traffic affiliates, organic traffic affiliates and list owners.

Affiliates of inorganic traffic

They are also called paid traffic affiliates or pay-per-click affiliates. These guys get their traffic from the search engines like Google and Bing. They also use social media traffic from facebook.com, pinterest.com and reddit.com.

These guys spend a lot of money on "buying keywords." As a result, they are permanently tired of their ROI. If sales revenue does not exceed traffic costs, they will stop promoting your product in less than 2 weeks. And they will not give you a second chance.

The good news is that these are the easiest affiliates to recruit.

You just have to launch your product in an important affiliate platform to run it. Also, increase the likelihood of recruiting these affiliates by announcing the launch of your product in all major affiliate marketing forums:

The Warriors Forum https://www.warriorforum.com/

Black Hat Forum https://www.blackhatworld.com/forums/

Digital points forum (here)

Wickedfire Forum https://www.wickedfire.com/

Traffic Planet https://trafficplanet.com/

V7N http://www.v7n.com/forums/

SEO Chat Forums http://forums.seochat.com/

Wjunction http://www.wjunction.com/forums/

Affiliates with mailing lists
List owners generate a form of organic traffic because they do not pay it.

The owner of a list is a marketer with a list of email addresses. The leading list owners have millions of email addresses. The analogy in real life is having the ability to put millions of advertising brochures in the physical mailbox of prospects. Imagine the power to reach millions of prospects with just one click.

These individuals collect their email addresses through several sources: they put their content behind the inclusion screens. Visitors can only access their content, if they enter their email addresses.

Some list owners are also content creators, that is, suppliers. Each time a digital product is sold, the customer has no choice but to provide a valid email. The provider simply adds this email to your list and uses it to resell more products to the customer.

Email traffic is free traffic. The owner of the list does not incur costs.

With a single email download, thousands of clicks can be generated on the URL of your launch page. The only effort required is to write the email and insert the URL of the launch page into it.

List of owners are easy to reach but difficult to recruit.

Simply scroll down the list of providers at paykickstart.com or clickbank.com and I guarantee that at least half of them are list owners.

You can easily contact them through these platforms, but they are unlikely to respond. You see, just as you are requesting your participation in your project, so is everyone. Of the dozens of requests the owner of a list receives in a day, the chances of it responding to theirs are incredibly slim.

However, you will be rewarded with multiple, if you successfully hire a large owner of the list as your affiliate.

Affiliates of organic traffic

These individuals obtain a natural and specific niche traffic thanks to the high rankings in the search engines. These guys own sites (forums, blogs, etc.)

Visitors to organic sites are interested in the niche. This is important because visitors are likely to buy relevant products. In summary, natural traffic tends to convert more than the traffic of list owners.

Many list owners group everyone at random. A provider could collect email addresses while selling solar panel guides a few months ago. Today, he is pushing a hair growth product to the same email addresses. What is the possibility that the guy, who was only interested in installing solar panels a few months ago? Are you interested in a hair regeneration product today?

Not much!

That is the problem with the traffic generated by email. The product that is being released may not be relevant to the recipient of the email at that specific time. The recipient of the email could transfer the sender to their spam folder.

Visitors to organic sites are interested in the niche at the present time. Launching them is more likely to result in a conversion.

How to contact the owners of the site?

First, find your sites by typing your keyword into the search engines. Second, click on your contact form, which is usually at the bottom of the page and send you a note.

Do not write a generic note to all the owners of the site. Be as specific as possible. Do a little work and discover the "administrator" or the "super moderator" of the site. Put your name on your note.

As I mentioned earlier, when you are recruiting the owner of a site, do not simply specify what compensation the site owner will receive as an affiliate. Also indicate the benefits your visitors will get if they buy the product.


There are many other things you can do to get affiliates. The above recommendations are by no means exhaustive.

You can and should send your offer to all affiliate directories. You can and should get as much notoriety in social networks as you can.

Finally, the right mindset is paramount.

Recruiting affiliates is a continuous process. There is not a finite task list that can be reviewed one by one. Until, each activity has been marked. And now, you can sit back comfortably on the couch and watch the members enter like bees in a pot of honey.

The hiring of affiliates is continuous.