ebooks – A method of converting PDFs to flipbooks in a format readable on Android wholly offline?

This question is related to one I asked on Software Recs.

Is there a method of converting a PDF to an e-flipbook in the form of a file that a user can download from a website, save on her Android tablet, and then click on to open so that she can flip through the document, two pages visible at a time, wholly offline?

No method involving the installation of one of the following programs seems to allow this, although several are able to do it for Windows or macOS, saving the flipbook in .exe or .app format.

  1. 1stFlip Flipbook Creator
  2. Flip Book Maker for PDF
  3. Flip PDF
  4. PDF to Flipbook
  5. Pub HTML5
  6. FlippingBook Publisher
  7. 3D PageFlip
  8. Flip Creator

(I have asked a question elsewhere for iOS.)