Easily create LinkedIn bots and automate operations.

Hey all,

I want to share with you a new GitHub project. This is a NodeJS API wrapper for LinkedIn unofficial API.

This project helps developers building some cool LinkedIn bots/services.
All you need is a working LinkedIn account and some basic knowledge of Javascript/NodeJS/TypeScript

Those are the features my API provides (so far):
* Search for people, companies, and connections
* View profiles
* View sent and received invitations and send new invitations to any profile.
* Navigate between conversations and scroll messages.
* Send new messages.

Note: A lot of new abilities will be added soon :)

Here is a medium post that describes how I used this API to build a LinkedIn bot for one of my use cases: https://codeburst.io/how-i-nailed-a-job-with-this-nodejs-linkedin-bot-6fcada2afbe1

You can find the GitHub project here: https://github.com/eilonmore/linkedin-private-api