Earn money with the Monese application – Payment processors

I would like to offer you a simple way to earn some extra money just by using your phone. It is only for people who do not use the Monese phone application. So you need:

* Be 18 years of age or older (must provide documents)

* Have a smartphone with a working phone number (you will need to receive the SMS code to confirm)

* Valid documents, such as passport, identity document or driver's license.

* Some patient for verification process.

* 10 euros in your bank account (you will recover them)

How does it work:

* Download the Monese application in Google store or App store, BUT DO NOT REGISTER WITHOUT CODE, YOU WILL LOSE ADDITIONAL 5 EUROS (Code: DANI269)

* When registering, place the invitation code: DANI269

* After completing the verification, you must deposit at least 10 EUR and after making that deposit, you will get 15 EUR because you used my invitation code. It will go back to your bank account or you can spend it with that application. )

* Then, you can offer this for other people and for 1 guest, you will get 10 EUR in your Monese account. You can earn money as much as you can.

TUTORIAL short video: https://youtu.be/4TVxIYzZA7k