Dungeon World: Am I currently understanding the change of shape and personalized movements as a Druid?

Custom movements:

However, if (still in the form of a bear) I need to climb a tree to escape from a danger on the ground, I am now using a custom movement that the bear's shape gives me: Natural Born Climber. In my natural form, that could be a Challenge Danger roll to try to recover the tree … but the bears do not have to TRY and make a tree, they just DO it. Then, in the form of a bear, I stay in a cellar, and I simply climb the tree (it is not necessary to roll).

The actual custom movement would look like this:

Natural Born Climber – with its powerful legs and sharp claws, easily climbs almost anything that "supports" its weight.

I understand that the personalized movements of each animal are subject to GM approval. I'm just trying to alleviate their burden by developing a series of personalized "stock" movements for certain animals that I hope to trust frequently (Fly, Swim, etc.).