dual boot – Fat32 second Drive is Read Only

I have a dual boot laptop with mac as the second os. The second hard drive that is formatted to fat32 and works with OSX. I can view the second drive in ubuntu but not edit the files. I wish to be able to modify the files in this second drive via linux.

the drive is /dev/sda2

I first navigated the the a folder and tried chown to move ownership of the file on the drive. (Which didn’t work)

chown bob uTorrent.dmg

If I right click a file in nautilus and look at the properties I see that “You are not the owner so cannot change the permissions”

So I downloaded a modifier for nautilus that allows me to open files as root when I do this I get the following when I try to edit privileges I get the error

...read only file system

I have tried unmounting the drive and running

sudo mount -o rw, remount /dev/sda2
I then get the error

mount: /dev/sda2: special device remount does not exist.

I also tried killing nautilus and starting again, but that didn’t work

killall nautilus