Drivers – Problem of video playback – Ubuntu / Debian and Derivatives

I'm having a strange problem with my system. When I try to play a video online with YouTube in Chrome or even locally with VLC, for example, the video freezes for a few seconds but the audio continues to play. I do not know why this is happening, if it is related to the hardware or is a system problem.
I tried the following to solve this problem:

1- Hardware acceleration disabled in Chrome (I think it was corrected here, but the offile plays as VLC, the problem still persists)
2 – Update to proprietary drivers (NVIDIA), my system is hybrid and has INTEL 520 and NVIDIA 940M
4 – System updates installed (The problem was not solved)

Syestem specifications:

PROCESSOR: Intel I5-6200U 6th generation Skylake Processor
MEMORY: Hard Disk 1 TB
8 GB of RAM
VIDEO: Intel HD Graphics 520 and NVIDIA 940M
RESOLUTION: 1366×768
BIOS: American Megatrends 3.x (UPDATED)