drivers – My microphone is not detected ACER Switf 5

I have installed Pop_OS a few days ago and after many and many researches I finally found how to have the audio detected on ubuntu (and I was really long and difficult).

The problem is that my microphone doesn’t work and is not detected
When i do alsamixer and i go in “Capture” it detects nothing.

The only thing I’ve changed in alsa-base.conf is that I added options snd-hda-intel dmic_detect=0 (which makes my audio works).
I have in my input devices an “Analog Input” who doesn’t work.
My PC is an ACER SWIFT 5, my card is a HDA Intel PCH and my chipset is a Realtek ALC255
Can someone help me ? I have no idea of what do to to make the microphone works