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DRINKEY – Financial and ethical network that allows real-time gross settlements, remittances, currency exchange and the exchange of water and beverages.

What is it https://drinkey-ico.com ?
Drinkey will be a decentralized ethical and financial ecosystem where remittances, real-time gross payments, currency exchange and the exchange of water and beverages will be made through a digital currency backed by a physical asset or underlying natural resource that will not be exhausted. In our case the water.

– Speed: 2 seconds.
– Security: inalterable.
– Costs: FREE
– Autonomy: without trust

products and services:

The main objective of our Fund is to buy land and build water wells or buy existing water wells. The Drinkey Fund will maintain ownership of the land with the rights to exploit the water wells to achieve the following …

Financial aspect:
– Develop an international digital currency that is issued on the basis of a physical asset or underlying natural resource that is not exhausted, resulting in a high reduction
Volatility in the market.
The water market is more stable and valuable than the gold market, therefore
"Water is the new gold"
– Build filling stations next to our water wells to export containers with flexible tanks of 25,000 liters.
– Build at least one bottling factory with our own mineral water label.
– To make the exploitation of the water wells that supply tap water to the community.

Ethical aspect:
– Provide help to areas exposed to water pollution.
– To buy land and build water wells in areas that acquire an increasing demand for water for agricultural purposes, this is due to droughts and rising temperatures. Approximately 70% of the fresh water used by people is used for agriculture.
– Combat the greatest global risk in terms of potential impact in the next decade. Lack of water.
– To transport containers with Flexi tanks filled with 25,000 liters of our water to disaster areas without cost.


– Water and drinks exchange platform. Platform of international brokers to allow the exchange of water and other beverages by cross-border settlements.
– XDK Decentralized Exchange of the international platform for the exchange of our XDK token.
– Intelligent contracts that commercialize Drinkey technology to allow the development of other cryptographic assets with an annual fee.

3. PAY & GO

– Decentralized P2P payment system. International real-time gross settlement system for markets B-B and B-C.
– Remittance network and currency exchange Send XDK to any location or change XDK to any fiat or digital currency in the world.

Our mission

Financial mission:
Offer the world a stable, decentralized and secure digital currency backed by a physical asset or a natural resource, in our case, water resources, to reduce the high volatility in the market.

Technological mission:
Offering unique blockchain that is more innovative, safe and faster than our competitors in today's market.
Closed source = Owner source code

Ethical mission:
Combat and, hopefully, solve the greatest global risk in terms of potential impact in the next decade: water shortage

Approximately 6000 people struggle to survive daily due to the lack of drinking water.
One third of the world's population lives in conditions of severe water scarcity at least 1 month per year.
Half a million people in the world face a severe shortage of water throughout the year.
Half of the world's largest cities experience water shortages

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