[Download] Alex Gould – CPA Wealth Academy

  1. [Download] Alex Gould – CPA Wealth Academy

    CPA Wealth Academy contains:
    What exactly is affiliate marketing?

    • Hello and welcome! Now watch this video please
    • Overview of affiliate marketing

    Making Your Mind Right

    • Correcting your mindset, a different look at affiliate marketing

    Keyword Research 101

    • Introduction to the theory of keyword research
    • What makes a keyword "easy"
    • Introduction to the evergreens + First page evaluation
    • Noopept ex. Continuation + Perennial leaf theory cont. + Pattern search
    • Keyword patterns 101

    About the KW research series about the shoulder

    • OTS KW Research- "DNA Testing"
    • OTS AtoZ Keyword and pattern building
    • OTS KW Research- "Stun gun flashlights"
    • Look at me for about 9 minutes and then stumble into a …
    • OTS KW Research- "Honeymoon"

    Emerging niches and keyword pattern theory continues

    • Example of emerging niches 101 + OTS

    Open and easy niches are everywhere

    • Hiding in the niche of plain view Ex.1
    • Hiding in the niche of plain view Ex. 2
    • Hiding in the niche of plain view Ex. 3
    • Hide in the niche of plain view Ex.4

    Website structure and monetization

    • Structure of the site and introduction of monetization
    • Link to your sales page
    • Presell pages that work for almost everything
    • Structuring titles and urls to point KWs
    • Creating content 101
    • Email list Hacks 101

    Niche domination and traffic secrets

    • Domination of niches and secrets of traffic 101
    • Niche case study: revealed site – ************** .com
    • Traffic hacks – YouTube-ism

    Live Webinar Action-Killer Content

    • Live webinar training – OTS Keyword Research
    • Webinar niche continued – More OTS KW Research!
    • OTS Harp Loans and Emaze with Mike Long by OMG Machines
    • Webinar Gold- "Fupa" Niche Instant Rankings

    Webinar Repetitions

    • Q and A Webby # 1 Repetition May 19
    • Q and A Webby 2