DOMINANT FINANCING: Review – MLM and network marketing


With the creation of the cryptocurrency before 9 years, when satoshi nakamoto decides to create Bitcoin in 2009, many opportunities have been created to create wealth and change the future of the financial world.

Due to the power of these digital assets and the innovation they bring to people's daily lives, a great variety of investment opportunities has been created.


At this moment, there are more than 1051 digital assets in the cryptocurrency market, people make money with these assets, investing and maintaining them in the long term, also extracting them with special machines called: Antminers, their own computer, using graphic cards. … etc.


But this operation cost a lot of money and time, for this reason mining has been created in the cloud.


Cloud mining is the operation, which allows you to rent a power from a company to exploit the cryptocurrency you want to earn money, without wasting time, money and energy to try to build your own mining companies at home.


There are many platforms that offer these services, but few of them are really profitable and can offer you a stable long-term income.

Among this company DOMINANT-FINANCE, a cloud mining platform that offers several investment opportunities in the cloud mining industry and the encryption trade for people around the world.


According to its website, the dominant finances are:

Dominant finance is a modern investment and mining company based on a fully open and ready to grow platform based on the concept of mining and daily distribution of cryptocurrencies among all participants.

Our company launched in July 27, 2018 when our website was launched on the web and our visitors saw it for the first time. Slowly, but surely, we got our first customers and partners, and soon they will begin to see results and achievements, which makes everyone at Dominant Finance very happy! Although the quality of our products and services is already at a high level, we will continue working diligently to improve the performance of our activity in all areas, increasing the profitability and success of our company.

This company offers several investment plans, you can start to build a stable passive income with a small investment of 10 USD, you need to register an account to invest with it, the platform offers 3 investment plans:


Plan 01: CRYPTON

The minimum investment in this plan is 10 USD, the maximum is 8000 USD, this package will bring a passive income of 10% per month for 400 days, you can withdraw your profit every Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, withdrawals from 1 Day to 10 days.


Plan 02: ALTPOOL

The minimum investment in this plan is 10 USD, the maximum is 8000 USD, this package will bring you a passive income of 16% per month for 400 days, you can withdraw your profit every Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, the withdrawal is made from 1 Days to 10 days.


The minimum investment in this plan is 100 USD, and the maximum is 15,000 USD. This package will provide a passive income of 18% per month for 400 days. You can withdraw your profit every Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. 1 day to 10 days.


For deposits and withdrawals, you can deposit and withdraw in this program, using Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and Ripple.

Also to grow this platform and attract new investors, the platform offers an affiliate program with a transport plan, can generate a strong passive income with this plan and improve their life using this transport plan. To learn more about this plan, visit this site. Affiliate program here.


For more information about this platform, visit their website here, take a look at their book of faces, also see their twitter , And your youtube


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