domains: How to transfer Google G Suite when selling a site?

We are in the process of selling a domain and going through all the complexities involved. We currently use Google’s paid G Suite for things like email (gmail) and calendars, etc.

I wonder what is the best way to handle the G Suite piece. Ideally, I would like former users to have access to their old emails, although obviously they should not be able to send or receive new messages. It seems that Google has made that piece relatively easy by getting a downloadable file of all the data at However, I would like the new owners to NOT have access to old messages from previous users.

Is it the best way for new owners to create a separate G Suite account in their names and manage domain authorization from scratch after the domain is transferred? The only drawback here seems to be the rebound, or interception, of new messages that reach previous accounts. Example, if belongs to the original owners, the new owners can pick up any message that arrives at after the site is transferred. There does not seem to be a way to avoid that part.

Has anyone else had to do this before? How did you handle it?