domain driven design – Can DDD entity operate with other services/repository

I’m a DotNet developer and I try to design my project follow the DDD.

What’s the operation(method) than a DDD Entity can do? For example, my entity class Node have the standard method Add, Edit. But now I need to return the NodeConfig, the node config is a class(dto) that have a subdata of Node plus an element of the entity Hub. It’s correct to add in entity Node the method GetNodeConfig()?

Can operation(method) have a reference to (domain)service interface?
Because my GetNodeConfig need to add a parameter like GetNodeConfig(IHubRepository), in this case I need to remove the GetNodeConfig and introduce the DomainService to manage this operation? like a INodeConfigurationService that have a function GetNodeConfig(nodeId) and contains the repository to take info from node and repository for hub to take that information?