Does the term "master-slave" have the same meaning in software architecture, database schema, and distributed system replication?

In the master-slave architecture, slaves provide replicates
services to the master, and the master selects a particular outcome among slaves using certain selection strategies. Slaves can
perform the same functional task by different algorithms and methods or by a
Totally different functionality.

The master-slave architecture is used for the software system.
where reliability is
critical. This is due to the replication (redundancy) of the servers.

It should be noted that in the design of the database schema, the terms master-slave or
parent-child are used to specify the dependence of one entity on another
. Yes
the master node is removed and the slave node has reason to stay.
This concept
it does not apply to the discussion here.

Is it correct that there are two or more different meanings of the term "master-slave" or "master-worker"?

Thank you.