Do you want more blog traffic? Discover the success of SEO with Contentoholic Guest!

Do you need more organic, natural and valuable traffic to get to your website? The safe, secure and high-quality publication of guests with Contentoholic may be the answer!

Why are guest blogs still important despite Google's negative response?

The updates in Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird have led some people to suggest the end of the relevance of the guest publication, but the truth is that guest blogs are still essential, provided they are done correctly. The updates require:

  • A greater dedication to relevance.

Panda is targeting pages with low quality content, while Penguin and Hummingbird focus on spam and irrelevant information. Contentoholic helps by making sure you get:

  • Brand content in the form of large amount of traffic publications.
  • A high level of authors

How guest blogs are essential to build links

Any successful search engine optimization strategy is based on a strong link building foundation that directs incoming links to the pages of your website. Getting published content:

1. Build your reputation

2. Support your brand and increase the value of your blog.

3. Improve your SEO, since the host blogger will provide links to your blog that will help you increase your value and make your content easier to find.

How is Contentoholic different:

  • The high quality service we provide distinguishes us from the rest. With a professional approach and a dedication to provide only the best, Contentoholic guarantees that the guest publication work we provide will reach your target audience.
  • Our experienced team carries out tireless research to ensure that your publication is published on highly relevant natural blogs.
  • All content will be of high quality, relevant and well researched to comply with Google's SEO standards. We constantly develop new relationships throughout the website, increasing our reach and creating an increasingly broad market.
  • We only compile highly trusted authority blogs so that our clients receive the best in link building and improved search engine ranges.

$ 15 each publication

Frequently asked questions

1.) What is TAT?

Generally from 18 to 20 days for 15 guest publications, however, we do our best to deliver much ahead of time.

2.) Will the content be unique?

Obviously, we do not believe in copied content or Google. The content will be 100% unique and written by native professional writers.

3.) What software is best for creating content?

Absolutely no clue about it! We are strictly against any software for creating content and all work is done manually.

4.) What do we need from you?

Your URL, anchor texts and author's name

5.) Do you use blog networks for guest publications?

No, we only use unique blogs, the IP address of all blogs will be different.

6.) Will you add images in the post?

Yes, we will add 1 or 2 relevant images to each publication.

7.) Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes we do, however the discount depends entirely on the order. Skype and we will let you know more about it.

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