Do you think the graphic industry is revolutionizing with technology releases every day?

Hello friends. I would like to share some tips and listen to your comments on this hot topic of today. As you all know, every second of the time, technology experts are busy bringing the revolution to the field of graphic design and other relevant domains associated with it. However, according to a general survey of developers and designers from around the world, it has been reported to a large extent that daily launches not only facilitate work but, at the same time, present more complexities to design-oriented architects than They are already too busy. your existing tasks.

However, most of the custom logo design companies have given an opposite answer to the previous one. For them, the latest technologies are always welcoming and fascinating, since the demands of their customers must be met at any cost. However, it does annoy some designers who need to dig deeper to take control of the latest technology releases and update them daily. As recently, mobile application developers are changing from the traditional Objective C platform to Swift and other more recent platforms, but the case remains the same here as well. Without a doubt, it has many benefits for the design and development community, but, on the other hand, it also has some drawbacks.

So, that's where poor designers are stuck in the middle. Who should they also listen to or what tendency should they follow to succeed at an accelerated rate? Personally, I have been investigating and listening to the experts what they had to say on this heat issue. Anyway, you are more than welcome to let me know with your comments here, whether you are in favor or not.