Do you think that Mueller's report on Trump will reveal any collusion with the Russians?

No. None of the accusations that occurred to Mueller had any material connection with the Russian "collusion". All this was initiated by a completely uncorroborated document prepared by a company hired by the Clinton campaign. The only reason why this story got big is because the left does not want to face its loss in 2016.

The truth is that Hillary Clinton is a terrible candidate and a terrible person. The country hated her roughly like Trump. Its negative favorableness indices show it. The Democrats were overconfident and nominated a candidate they rejected in 2008 in favor of a single-term senator that no one had ever heard of before.

But D is overconfident after 8 years, and they thought they could throw out any old fish and win. And it was counterproductive. And the party could not handle that emotionally. What is really scary: it seems that they are about to do it again. The first Democratic candidates look horrible. Instead of nominating a charismatic moderate who could really win, they're going to get out of the next McGovern. A candidate so radical that the country will reject them.

I do not want 4 more years of Trump. But he has not been so bad. Nominate an extremist and vote for him. I did not do it in 2016.