Do you need regular work, is that possible for $ 10 per day?

And this is the trap you will encounter if you write for the prices you find in places like this. When you write articles for $ 10, you're competing against the entire planet when it comes to creating content. Look at all the "Sale" threads where people sell their souls for less than $ 1 per 100 words and how many responses they receive. Is it honestly worth it to them? Honestly, would I want to spend all day pumping 20,000 words for $ 200? That is BEFORE PayPal fees and depends on where the sender is, so you can lose an additional 5% of that money during the payment.

I mean hell, even content compilation sites like Textbroker pay more for content than the opportunities you'll find here. The content section of this forum has died a couple of years ago. I also do not recommend content sites mill. Unless you really want to spend all day writing content for some cheap imbecile who can reject your content for tiny reasons. People have a stroke here if I tell them that I only charge $ 3 for every 100 words as a favor for a quick job. One of the best results in the content writing of Google is a website that charges $ 100 and a delivery of 5 days for a blog publication of 300-500 words.

If you really do not mind being a slave, try Textbroker for $ 10. Just keep in mind that the publishers there will scold you for the grammatical errors at the university level and the payment is garbage. I would not mind a good reprimand for a rewarding project, but it's hard to take an enthusiastic editor seriously when you're paid $ 7 for a 500-word article. I have not used the site in a few years, so maybe the place has changed.