Do you need help to veto the best payment processor?

Hey JayBay,

There is a difference between high-risk and low-risk processing, but in no case should you pay a fee to run a payment processor business, other than registering as ISO. The commercial services business can be very lucrative, and there are many different routes and many different vehicles so that everyone involved can earn money. Therefore, I would strongly recommend that you stay away from any organization that asks you to accumulate money in an Agent type relationship.

As an independent, it has no cost for any processor. Therefore, most processors will welcome the new business and should divide the commissions with you not less than 50/50. The business of low-risk credit cards and low-risk processing revenues would be shared with you in a more weighted part that corresponds to you, the agent, with a very clear list of costs that is called "Program A" . High-risk processing is a different animal and you should expect to share income equally in a 50/50 split, unless there are multiple parties involved, where everyone should take a little less …

My recommendation to you as a new independent sales agent would be to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket. Try different processors and diversify your customers with multiple processors and solutions. This will ensure that you receive residual income from multiple different sources, at the same time that you know each group about how they work, how timely their payments are and how flexible they are as their portfolio grows.

I hope you have helped clear things up for you, do not hesitate to contact me if you have more questions.