Do you care about Cross + Backward compatibility? | Promotion Forum

Both are neither make nor break for me. As long as the console is good, it works well and without problems, I have no problem losing compatibility with previous or cross-platform versions.

People are crying unnecessarily for the multiplatform game on social networks, right now, but I see it as Sony does; A security problem When Microsoft introduced this multiplatform platform, it is because they have an agenda. Not long after, the price of Sony's stock declined. * claps * Well played, MicroTrash. Obviously, they did this to get a quick start for the next generation consoles. What did I say? Consoles. Microsoft is planning not one, not two, maybe even 3 SKUs. There are even rumors at this point that Microsoft plans to replace Xbox One S and Xbox One X with new models, one of them is a diskless Xbox.

As for backward compatibility? I congratulate Microsoft for its implementations of compatibility with previous versions. There are two different types of Compatibility with previous versions with Xbox One brand consoles: if you have an Xbox / Xbox 360 disc, you can insert it into your Xbox One console. The other is to download the disc directly from Microsoft Store or Xbox Game Pass .

Now, do I want a cross game? It would be great, but it's not a decisive factor. However, there are children and other people who think that it is. Wah wah Complain

Do I want compatibility with previous versions? Once again, it would be great, but it is not a decisive factor. We need compatibility with previous versions in some way, but if it can not happen, then it can not happen. PS1 is easy to emulate, or PlayStation Classic would not have existed. PS2 is a bit easy to emulate and update, but it would be nice to have it. PS3 was difficult to develop so I'm not holding my breath. PS4 can definitely happen, because x86. But I will not go to social networks or complain about compatibility with previous versions. If the children want it, do it by all means, but they should understand that compatibility with previous versions is not easy, especially PS2 / 3.