Do we have different types of branches?

There is what we call branch of characteristics in git.
Imagine, for example, I'm making a game and I need to add a Turn on characteristic.

How do I see my names? with Feature branches:
Branch name: Adding power-up.
First name of commitment: Prefabricated added.
Second commitment name: Graphics implemented.
Third commitment name: Collision detection added.
Fourth commitment name: Added effect on the player in the collision.

How do I see my names? without Characteristics of the branches:
First name of commitment: Adding power-up: prefab added.
Second commitment name: Adding power-up: added graphics.
Third commitment name: Ignition addition: collision detection added.
Fourth commitment name: Addition of ignition: added effect on the player in the event of a collision.

When commit were files, I would make a directory called Turn on and put premade house, graphics, collision detection, effect on the player in the collision inside that folder

Another use of the git branches is to separate the dev version from the production version.

  1. If my intuition is correct, are the branches of git features comparable to the folders in the browser, and the branches of git master and dev are comparable to the environments?
  2. Have I missed another branch "type"?
  3. If there are different types of branches, should git add any structuring? (like a command called git featureBranch or git environmentBranch perhaps)