dns – Domain registration redirect

I have domain domain.smth and I have a page in hoting.smth / ~ site /

I want to take the content of the page in hosting and display it when I type domain.smth.
While reading, I can not do the CNAME record in domain.smth. So I did www.domain.smth but the CNAME record is just for hosting.smth without query string.

I have access to index.html in the provider's site domain.smth, but I do not have access to .htaccess (so I can not do the rewrite rule).

I am able to have site.hosting.smth (What is the DNS redirect from hosting to that location on the top page) but when I put it on CNAME I was sent to the hosting.smth page?

Is there any possibility here of doing this? Can TXT record send query string?