dnd 5e – Why is this weapon looking for a new owner?

In addition to the information you published, we have this little piece to work …

Personality. Azuredge has sworn to protect Waterdeep, and wishes to be handled by a law-abiding person willing to devote everything to the defense of the city. The weapon is patient and takes time to find its ideal carrier.

We also know that

Azuredge is actively rejecting Meloon (or, more exactly, the devourer of the intellect in Meloon's head).


Every day at dawn, Meloon participates in a telepathic contest of wills with his magic ax, Azuredge, before leaving his room in the Yawning Portal. The ax wants a new bearer, but Meloon refuses to separate from him.

This is a dead tone for someone who has a conflict with a sensitive magic object. I will not copy the entire fragment here, but here is the important summary summarized.

If you lose your contest of wills with a magical object, you can demand, like demanding that you never separate from it, pursue your goals, separate from any object you hate or, more importantly, deliver the object to another person. . If you refuse, you can:

  • Make it impossible for your carrier to tune into it.
  • Delete one or more of its activated properties.
  • Try to take control of your carrier

We know

Meloon has lost at least one competition with the weapon, because his statistics block says "Meloon handles Azuredge (see appendix A) but cannot tune into it, and therefore does not get any of its benefits."

As for the why of things, the book don't address this directly but it is probably a sure assumption that you are looking for a new owner because

its former owner is indeed dead, and his body is being driven by the henchman of a horrible aberration that works with a crime lord. And said henchman is trying to use Azuredge at the service of said crime lord. Look, the devourers of intellect don't control you & # 39 ;. They eat their brain and replace it with themselves: "you" are no longer there, except for a very, very thin technicality (clearing the devourer and then immediately hitting the body with Regenerate can restore it without resurrection magic).

Suffice it to say … this is quite antithetical to the personality of the weapon, and explains what is happening.

However, if you look under the Meloon statistics block, you will see this little information (again, condensed because spoiler tags protest being multi-line)

If Meloon is killed and resurrected from the dead, his true self is restored and his statistics change as follows: (…) He can tune into Azuredge

Therefore, it is reasonably clear that if the current state of affairs is resolved, the conflict is also resolved, and Meloon can continue to wield his ax. After all, if he can re-tune the ax, he has stopped rejecting it. Naturally, like DM, you can choose to ignore this if you want another person to end the ax. (Note: as DM, I advise caution when delivering Azuredge to a long-term player, especially at a low level … that ax is a damn monster).