dnd 5e – Why is the wording different between the characteristics of the subclasses related to Sneak Attack by Inquisitive and Swashbuckler Rogues?

The Rakish Audacity feature of Swashbuckler rogues allows you to attack a lone target with Sneak Attack, as long as they have no disadvantage (XGtE, p.47):

You also get an additional way to use your Sneak Attack; you do not need an advantage in the attack roll to use your sneak attack against a creature if you are less than 5 feet away, no other creature is within 5 feet of you and you have no disadvantage in the attack roll. All other rules of Sneak Attack still apply to you.

The inquisitive rogues' insightful fighting function allows them to better know a target and use Sneak Attack against them as well, as long as they have no disadvantages (XGtE, p.46):

As a bonus action, you can do a Wisdom check (Insight) against a creature that you can see is not incapacitated, challenged by the objective's Charisma (Deception) check. If you succeed, you can use your sneak attack against that target even if you have no advantage in the attack roll, but not if you have a disadvantage.

A player of mine raised a good point. Swashbucklers specifically say All other Sneak Attack rules still apply to you., which means that you still need to use fineness / range weapons. The inquisitive rogue does not say it. Although I'm pretty sure they still require fine / distance weapons, I actually wonder if I'm right.

Is there any reason for this difference in wording? Or should we assume that the rest of the Sneak Attack conditions still apply?