dnd 5e – Which constructions benefit from the ability of a dwarf to avoid reducing the speed of the armor?

I have always felt that the ability of the dwarf to ignore the reduction of the armor's speed is a little false, or perhaps a remnant of the 4th edition that has lost its purpose due to the way in which the rules of the armor changed. It sounds like a kind of great little benefit, but when you really look at it, it does not have a lot of application in the game and it would take a lot of effort to get some benefit.

The entry of the speed of the dwarf says that the speed of the personage is not reduced with the armor; but the reductions of speed of the armor come from carrying a heavy armor without having a sufficiently high Force:

Heavy armor: … the armor reduces the user's speed by 10 feet unless the user has a Strength score equal to or greater than the indicated score.

The only classes that inherently have a great capacity for armor are the clerics (some domains), the fighters and the paladins, who are all, to a greater or lesser extent, classes focused on force. Others can get it through a feat, or through a slightly strange multiclass scheme (starting with a heavy armor class and then changing the course of level 2 to focus on the class they really want to be).

So, what kind of characters benefit from this skill? If you are good with weapons, you have a lot of strength and you do not need it, or you have good dexterity and you do not need it. (The average armor gives you the same CA at a lower cost, and if you need a feat to get great skill, spending the feat on the Middle Armor Master is a better option). If you did not start with at least average armor, getting heavy competition would require an excessive number of feats or multi-class gymnastics.

So it seems to me that there are only a few types of characters that could reasonably use this benefit:

  • A cleric who ignores force in favor of wisdom, to improve its release.
  • A priest / fighter / paladin focused on dexterity who really wants to wear a plate armor. (Although dex-centric constructions usually do not actively choose dwarf…)
  • A brave bard who is bad at fighting with weapons.

Have I missed an obvious archetype that would find this skill useful? Or is it really simply relegated to a few concepts of corner characters?