dnd 5e – What values ​​do I recalculate when I go wild?

When I do Wild Shape, I take the STR, DEX and CON scores of a beast. I keep my domain bonus and my INT, WIS and CHA scores. I will focus this question on the assumption that I dominate athletics, and I am becoming a beast that also dominates athletics.

  • I have +0 STR and +3 skill, so +3 in athletics
  • Beast has +2 STR and a bonus of +4 in Athletics.

What is my athletic bonus now?

On the one hand, I keep my domain bonus +3 (so if I calculate things from scratch, I should have Athletics = +2 STR + 3 Prof = +5). On the other hand, tweets like is I claim that I should only use the modifier of the beast, a +4, since it is higher than the +3 of my Druid.

A druid in the form of a beast uses his abilities, except when the beast has the same ability with a higher bonus.

But in this case, I am now a creature with +2 STR, +3 Prof, and a +4 in an athletic ability with which I dominate. Can anyone confirm whether or not I recalculate the competition bonuses when I do Wild Shape (or Shapeshift)?

Similar question to the one I answered before, while I got more votes, my response has not been accepted. That question refers mainly to the interactions with Expertise and other extreme cases. I am looking for an answer (preferably backed by RAW or official comment) about whether I should recalculate my statistics to accommodate my Competition Bonus with my new STR, DEX or CON modifiers.