dnd 5e: What oddity should this article have of Traces of Home Subjugation?

What a rarity should this article of Traces of Home Subjugation have?

For some reference, I am launching an evil campaign and I will use them, but I bet my players will probably try to steal them or kill the slaver to get them.

You can attach these wives to a living creature. If he does, he has to spend a level 3 spell space to form a connection (owner) during the time these wives are used.

If you attach them to an unconscious living creature, they will receive a -5 penalty to their salvation after they awaken.

When the creature wakes up or gets handcuffs for the first time, they get salvation.

Each time the creature reaches 25% of its HP, it gets a rescue to break the handcuffs. While they have less than 25% of HP, they will get savings every time they receive additional damage.

Once a creature is released from the miracle of subjugation, it will no longer be effective. If the owner dies, the wives no longer have connection and the creature that is being subjugated is immune to future attempts. (from this set)

If the creature is released and the owner is still alive, they keep a connection unless they break it voluntarily (the spell slot is returned) or the connection is broken by force.

DC to be released is the owner level + prof + INT (modifier)

The target creature's save shot is 1d20 + CR.

If his level is lower than the CR of the creature, he makes a save throw with +2 bonus (for difference in level) If his level is higher than the CR of the creature, he makes a save shot with a penalty of -one. level is equal to the CR of the creature.

The subjugated creature is treated in a similar way to the partner.

  • It moves by initiative like any other creature, but you determine its actions, decisions, attitudes, etc. If you are incapacitated or absent, your partner acts on his own.
  • Eliminate the multiple attack function and halve Hit die.