dnd 5e – What happens when I do Twin Life Transference?

The Transference of Life spell states:

Sacrifice some of your health to repair the wounds of another creature.
You receive 4d8 of necrotic damage and a creature of your choice that
can see within the range recovers a number of hit points equal to twice the
The necrotic damage you take.

The Metamagic of the Sorcerer of Twinned Spells:

When you cast a spell that attacks only one creature and does not have a range of its own, you can spend a number of spell points equal to the level of the spell to point to a second creature within range with the same spell.

The Transfer of life does not necessarily address me, nor does it have a range of Itself, but it does affect me. In addition, Twinned Spell does not say that it copies the spell, but it does that the spell has a second objective, and the standard target receives healing depending on the damage I suffer.

So, what happens when I try Twin Life Transference?


  • Cast the spell, heal two targets and spend the cost of living once?
  • Launch the spell, heal two targets and spend the cost of living twice?
  • Does it fail to twin the spell, due to the fact that it affects me?

Or something completely different?