dnd 5e – What can I do to play better in DnD?

It's been almost 2 years since I played D & D with the same character, an elven nun who is a wise librarian. Previously, I was at a party where role-playing games were not as popular as at my current party. Basically we played as we wanted, but in my current group it is different.

The party I'm currently in consists of 4 guys, including the DM, and me, the only girl. One of them is a bard, the other a druid, and the last one is a fighter. They all have rich stories and interesting characters, while mine falls flat.

The other members have also been playing with each other for a long time, are friends outside the party and simply find that the role play is a bit easier. This has led my DM to contact me and ask me to try to interpret the roles better. I am having difficulties with this because I have not played in a way that RPGs are necessary instead of encouraged.

I enjoy occasional RPGs, but I am more interested in the real aspects of the game's fighting. This makes it a little difficult to enter the character. I just need some strategies, mainly ideas of what other people do and have done, to develop a character in such a way that the role play is a little easier or at least a little more enjoyable for everyone.