dnd 5e – Tips for moving Pathfinder configurations and custom elements to 5e

Is there any advice or comparison tables to scale back custom elements, NPCs and 5e configurations?

I have a complete environment with all kinds of deities, custom elements, cities, politics, background history, etc. I would like to convert all that work to 5e so that it can be used in games 5e.

For NPCs, I think, for the most part, I can create them all from scratch to reflect the NPC in the previous system. Although if there were any shortcuts to make that work less, that would make me happy.

I've never tried to convert anything before and I've only played some 5e games (although I've seen a lot of Critical Roll). I need to know if there are any obvious problems, and anything else that needs to be converted between two very different sets of rules. For example, I realize that 5e has a much more shallow progression rate and probably needs a lower CA to be a similar challenge.

In this response, I am particularly looking for resources to help me. However, it would be an idiot to say no to any solid advice.