dnd 5e – Support function: Group efficiency versus the "fun balance" table

Therefore, I need advice on this. So are the things:

I'm playing a cleric in a group of 4 players. Another 2 players play a paladin and a multi-melee warlock / bladesinger. The paladin is lvl 5 and the rest of us are lvl 4.
The table uses rolling statistics and while we all shot better than average statistics, the paladin rolled really, really well.

Now I find myself facing this dilemma: I could be throwing a protective link, a shield of faith and any other spell I am using (command of game order, which grants reaction attacks to the allies when I attack them with spells) in the paladin . Which is clearly the most efficient way to do it, have a monster of 21 BC on the field, resistant to all damage, destroying all the melee opponents.

Or I could be releasing my concentration benefits to the more mobile character who released average statistics so he does not feel left out.

We played 1 session still, and the only match we had was pretty tough. I was forced to use all my slots; at one point, the character of various classes was rendered unconscious with 2 hits from hidden opponents. The 4th character was a rogue, he lacked a person waiting and ate 2 fireballs, me and Pala just saved him.

What would you do in this situation? I understand that this is a moral question and, unlike the mechanical questions that are usually asked here, I apologize if I unknowingly violated any rule regarding the subject.

Thanks in advance!