dnd 5e – Stylistic, Mechanical and Contextual summaries of Candlekeep Mysteries

My group is playing through Candlekeep, which consists of 17 different ‘Mysteries’, each tied to a book that the party finds in Candlekeep.

Only one of us is an experienced DM, but we agreed it would be fun to spread out the DMing across the different ‘Mysteries’.

So, we want to decide which of the Mysteries appeals to each of us, to run. But the published non-spoiler information that we could find isn’t very helpful.

e.g. for the first Mystery we’ve got:

From the summary page of the CandleKeep source book

A book leads characters on a quest to find a missing sage.

And from here

the adventurers get stuck in a Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion.

So far we’re most of the way through the first ‘Mystery’, and whilst the text from the above link is accurate, it wasn’t very helpful for us to individually decide if it was a ‘Mystery’ we wanted to DM.

I would have wanted:

An escape-room-esque puzzle adventure, entirely set within a small mansion, found extra-dimensionally within the library. Moderately frequent minor combat. Very minor interpersonal interactions.

Could you please give a summary which outlines what sort of mechanics and type of adventure each ‘Mystery’ is giving (eg. the scale of the environment that the players are exploring? and the combat/social/exploration distribution?), but without anything that gives spoilers (for the players that don’t end up DM-ing each ‘Mystery’).