dnd 5e – Is this variant of the homebrew life clergy balanced compared to the official life clergy?

I have a player who is playing a full pacifist cleric (please, there are no comments on how that is a horrible, horrible, horrible idea that ruins DND, I know it is unpopular, but I find it a fun challenge for me as a DM), so I've made some changes to the Cleric's life domain to ensure he does not get stuck with a bunch of spells and useless (and meaningless) abilities.


Some clerics are so dedicated to the preservation and development of life that they refuse to harm another creature. These pacifists can insist that their traveling compatriots also refrain from killing, or simply refuse to harm themselves. With their impressive repertoire of healing abilities, shields and buffs, these clerics should not be underestimated by those who oppose them.

Unless specified here, all the characteristics of this domain are the same as in the PHB.

In level 1: Do not take any skill with weapons. Instead, take two other skill abilities from the Cleric list, for a total of four. You will also get an additional skill with a tool or instrument.

Your starting equipment, if you choose to take the predetermined packages, does not include any weapons.

In level 3: instead of automatically learning the spell Spiritual weapon, you learn the spell Spiritual shield

Spiritual shield

Second level evocation

Release time: 1 bonus action

Scope: 60 feet

Components: V, S

Duration: 1 minute

Create a floating spectral shield within the range that lasts the duration or until you re-cast this spell. The caster must specify a target when casting the spell for the first time. It can target any creature, hostile or not, and does not require a saving throw. If the armored creature moves in its turn, the shield moves with it.
As an additional action on your turn, you can move the shield to another creature within 20 feet of the first creature. The shield can appear as you wish, and its statistics do not change according to its appearance.
The shield may have one (1) of the following effects:

The target's CA is increased by +2, as if they were using a shield, but without the requirement to have one. If the target is already using a shield, this has no effect.

The target gains resistance to one of the following forms of damage: necrotic, poisonous or psychic.

At level 7: instead of automatically learning the spell Guardian of the faith, you learn the spell Aura of life.

At level 8: instead of winning the Divine coup skill, you win the feat Dual-Focused, from the Tal'dorei Campaign Guide.

[I’m not sure if it’s acceptable as far as copyright goes to publish the entire text of this feat from the book, but the gist of it is that it allows for concentration on two spells at once, with the CON saves being much more difficult while doing so.]


I already asked about the balance of the spell. spiritual shield here. Please direct comments on this to the appropriate question. (In general, though, I'm not looking for more comments on the spell at this time). The player in question has purchased the Taldorei Campaign Guide, so he has access to the full text of the feat.