dnd 5e – Is Tales of Old an official bard skill?

So, first of all, almost anything that is The official will be visible in D & D beyond the Bard class or, if you prefer, in your copy of the Player's Handbook. Everything that goes beyond will be an alternative subclass or a new spell. The non-central subclasses for bard are:

  • glamor
  • satire*
  • swords
  • whispers

None of these has the skill you mention. Non-basic spells for a bard also do not provide any such abilities.

As you can see, the skill you found is in D & D wiki in a section marked "Homebrew" & # 39; Homebrew & # 39; it means unofficial things published not commercially. D & D wiki, in particular, has a bad reputation with respect to the quality of its homemade beer, and this variant of bard is no exception: the material presented in this document is too bulky and has capabilities that, independently, They are too powerful. Even beyond being homebrew, that It is unlikely that the material is good in a game.

* Satire is published as Unearthed Arcana which, although it is totally official, is a test content instead of a finished product.