dnd 5e – Is Charm Monster obvious to viewers?

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Is Charm Monster (or similar magic) obvious to the viewers and the objective that the spell is being cast?

I have seen several sources, for example, I have seen the "Compendium of Sage Tips" that says:

Do you always know when you are under the effect of a spell?

You are aware that a spell is affecting you if it has a perceptible
or if your text says you are aware (see PH, 204, under
"Goals"). Most spells are obvious. For example, the fireball burns you,
heal wounds heals you, and the command forces you to do something suddenly
you did not intend Certain spells are more subtle, but you become
aware of the spell at a time specified in the description of the spell.
The charming person and the thoughts detected are examples of such spells. "

Compendium of salvia tips, page 11

This describes that the objective is not conscious if it does not have a noticeable effect; however on page 203 of PHB, it reads:

Verbal (V) Most spells require the singing of mystical words. the
the words themselves are not the source of the power of the spell; rather, the
Particular combination of sounds, with specific tone and resonance,
It sets the magic threads in motion. So, a character that is gagged.
or in an area of ​​silence, such as that created by the silence spell,
he can not cast a spell with a verbal component.

Somatic (S)

Spell gestures can include a forced gesticulation or a
intricate set of gestures
. If a spell requires a somatic component,
the pitcher must have free use of at least one hand to perform these

PHB 203, my emphasis.

This would tell me that a spell is pretty obvious, it's being thrown by almost anyone (assuming you do not do it with a subtle spell, as part of the characteristics of the sorcerer class); However, in the PHB, it says this:

Unless a spell has a noticeable effect, a creature may not know it.
He was targeted for a spell at all. An effect like the crackling ray is.
obvious, but a more subtle effect, like an attempt to read a
The thoughts of the creature typically go unnoticed, unless the spell says so.

PHB Page 204

Then, when we review these sources, I would say that the objective is not aware, but casting the spell is quite obvious if we observe what it says about the vocal and somatic components; In addition, it does not say anything about bystanders and if they were aware of these charm spells.

So let's go back to our original question …

  1. Does the target know that the spell is being cast?
    failure), if so, why do not you notice the somatic and the verbal?

  2. Do spectators or allies of whites recognize that you are launching a
    spell out?

I'm asking for a RAW response please.