dnd 5e – How to have an optimal party of all Rangers?

I have been wanting to run a series of “all one class” games. In this case, it’s ranger, one of the more easy classes, I think, to run this with.

There’s a similar question regarding an all-spellcaster team, and I understand creative emphasis but…I want to figure out what types of (in this case) ranger builds you would want for a balanced team. 3 players. I want to give my players an idea of what choices would be best/what would be needed. I know this is dependent on the campaign, and I can gear to the players somewhat, but wanted a general spread of must-haves for an all-ranger team of 3 to help narrow choices.

I have not decided which system (pathfinder 1, d&d 3.5 or d&d 5) because I am not sure which system would be best for this type of game. Suggestions welcome on which would fit best for this.