dnd 5e – How to get through B3: Winery Complex 9 Waterdeep Dragon Heist Encounter 9

How do you say…

The tunnel that goes to B3 does not have a walkway. If you want to go down that road, the sewage is 3 & # 39; deep.

Your players can choose to simply go for it. It's disgusting, but …

It is not really harmful unless you are in the wastewater for a full minute.

Of course, your players can be creative and try to find other ways to navigate the passage. Just to give some examples based on things that my players have retired in the past … (Note: these should be awarded by you as to whether or not they will be feasible, since the campaign does not cover them)

"How rough are the walls? Can I climb horizontally through the wall to avoid going to the sewage?"
"I want to gather some basic piles to walk through the sewage without entering."
"I bet the city workers have a way to get around here … like a very narrow raft … Let's see if we can borrow one!"

And so.

So, yes … you have a correct understanding of how space is distributed. So let your players realize how to cross space.