dnd 5e – How hard is it to dispel the spell that became permanent by casting it every day for a year with different spell slots?

The private Sanctuary of Mordenkainen, the Teleportation Circle and possibly other spells have text such as:

You can create a permanent teleportation circle by casting this spell in the same place every day for a year.

The magic of dissipating has

The CD is 10 + the level of the spell.

The spell level can be increased by using a higher level spell space, and I do not see any requirement that the spell be permanent must be cast by the same caster each time. Regarding the narration, it would make sense to invite the archmage with 9th level slots to make the first or last release to obtain a stronger effect and difficult to dissipate, and use "apprentices" for day to day. But is it mechanically possible? What would dissipate DC would have that permanent Circle or Sanctuary, if the level of spell slot used could vary?