dnd 5e – How does the Python Staff work?

Sending the snake does not require a spell

He too command word it is not the same as I send spell out

While the word "command" is used for all three things, the description of the article nowhere requires that the staff member use the word "command". I send spell out. The mental command to tell the snake what to do do not It requires an action. To address your nested questions in order:

  1. Do you need to cast the Command spell to tell the snake what to do? Do not
  2. If you do not need to cast the Command spell to tell the snake what
    Do you spend an action to do it?
    No, no action or bonus action is required. You give him a mental command.
  3. Can you, in a single shift, return the staff to their normal form and
    Turn it into a snake again, thus recovering a full HP?
    It depends on the order of operations. (look down)

Detailed discussion

Command words are characteristic of some magical elements that are often discovered during tuning or when using the identify spell an article.

Command Word
A command word is a word or phrase that must be pronounced
for an article to work. A magic item that requires a command word can not
be activated in an area where sound is prevented, such as in the
The spell of silence. (DMG)

You do not have to burn a level 1 spell slot, I send, to be able to use this staff. the I send The spell is used against humanoids to try to do something.one.

How to make the staff work for you.

use an action to talk about this staff command word and throw the cane
on the ground 10 feet from you. The staff becomes a giant.
Constrictor Snake under your control and Acts on its own initiative
. When using a bonus action to speak the command word Again you
return the staff to its normal form in a space previously occupied by
the snake.

In round 1, you can transform this staff into a snake, and then with a bonus action on any turn / turn, return it to your staff form. Both the action and the bonus action take place on your turn. The snake has its own turn.

Using the command word Doing that requires an action.

On your turn, you can mentally command the snake if it is within 60
feet of you and you are not incapacitated. You decide what action the
snake takes and where moves during his next turn, or can emit
It is a general command, like attacking your enemies or protecting an enemy.

In this case, you It is not required to use an action to do this. It's like talking, or "interacting with an object". Just tell the snake what to do. The snake will do that on his turn.

The command was used in two different ways for the description of this article.

  1. Using the command word that you discover to activate it.
  2. You tell the snake what to do, that it does not require an action, or a bonus action; it only requires the PC to make a mental effort (so tell the DM what your command is to the snake).

As for your last question … it depends on the order of operations.

Can you, in a single turn, return the baton to its normal shape and turn it into a snake again, thus recovering a full HP?

If you use an action to activate the snake-shaped staff, your problem when trying to use a bonus action to save it again is that you can not use a bonus action on the snake's turn.

Constrictor Snake under your control and acts on its own initiative.

The snake has its own turn to take actions. Just tell him what to do on his turn.

So no, you can not do everything on the first turn. To do that would require a Reaction (during the Serpent's turn) not a Bonus Action (on your turn). In your next turn, you could, if you wish, use your bonus action to restore your personnel form.

But what you can do is:

Round 1:
Your Turn 1: the command word (action) gets a snake. Mentally command him to attack.
Snake's Turn 1: attack, also take damage.
Round 2:
Your extra action Turn 2: snake, become a staff!
Your action Turn 2: staff, become a snake! (command word)
Mentally Turn 2: tell him what to do.
The action of Snake Turn 2: whatever you have told him to do. (At full capacity).

If the snake returns to its cane form before losing all its hit points,
He recovers them all.

All that fits into the economy of action that is incorporated into the game.

one Command Spell

I send
level 1 / enchantment / Release time: 1 action /
Scope: 60 feet / Components: V / Duration: 1 round / You speak one
Command a word to a creature that you can see within range. The objective
must succeed in a Wisdom saving throw or follow the command in his
Next turn