dnd 5e – How can I build an effective weapon kata character?

Concept of character

For a new campaign I had the idea of ​​playing a John Wick-style construction that maximizes the effectiveness of hand crossbows with double grip. I want him to be a former mafia agent who escapes the law.


I want to optimize this character for Get the maximum number of crossbow attacks per turn. I have the following restrictions:

  • Use the standard matrix for the generation of statistics
  • Optimize for a character that ends at level 10
  • Make sure that my character is useful both in close combat and in the middle.
  • Have the necessary mobility to avoid fighting big enemies from head to toe.
  • The characteristics and multiclassification are fine.
  • The content of any published WotC book (excluding UA) is allowed
  • I can not assume access to any magical object.

What race, class levels and feats should I take to optimize this construction? Also, in what order should I take the levels and skills of level 1?

My hope is that my turn can replace an AOE spell by killing / almost killing several small enemies that are grouped together.