dnd 5e – Do the magician's bracers make the wizards unbalanced?

At Guild Master & # 39; s Guide to Ravinica enter an article called Illusionist's Bracers which states that

While wearing the bracers, whenever you throw a cantrip, you can use a
Bonus action in the same turn to launch that cantrip a second time.

This seems to me that this allows Warlock & # 39; s to launch Eldritch Blast twice per turn.
The Warlock Eldritch Blast was already one of the strongest cantrips in the game, dealing with a 4d10 + charisma modifier with the Agonizing Blast summon and, along with Hex, gives an additional d6 for blast. Which means a total of 8d10 + 40 (given 20 Charisma) + 8d6 provided it is a success. Which means that this would allow a warlock as a cantrip to make an average of 108 damage per turn.

If this is correct, it would be an imbalance for the sorcerers in the game, as long as the object is in the game.