dnd 5e – Can you prepare a bonus action?

The Ready action states:

Then, you choose the action you will take it in response to that trigger …

I am not sure if this means that you can only prepare an action such as Dodge, Hide, Attack, Cast a spell, or if this also includes actions and bonus reactions as indicated by the PHB (page 189):

Certain special abilities, spells and situations allow you to take a special action called reaction.

And then the subsequent states (page 190):

Several class features, spells and other abilities allow you to take an additional action on your turn call bonus action.

I am aware that the action Ready exhausts its action as does Dodge, Hide and others, but I wonder if what your reaction spends can be something that normally requires additional action.

I am also aware that you can not perform a bonus action when it is not your turn. Since, one of the reasons you might want to do this is to use two bonus actions in a single turn (one that uses your bonus action and one that uses the Ready action where the shot occurs in that same turn).

An example of when you may want to do this:
1. You have already cast a spell as spiritual weapon with what you can use your bonus action to do something (in this case, move the weapon and attack).
2. Take the Action Ready to Prepare the following: "When I say & # 39; Come on! &, I will use my reaction to make spiritual weapon Move and make an attack. "
3. You say "Go ahead!", Which provides the trigger that allows you to spend your reaction to make the spiritual weapon attack.
4. Now you still have a bonus action that you have not spent and you can use it on anything, like casting the spell. foggy step

Can you prepare a bonus action?