dnd 5e – Can you cast Life Transfer on yourself?

The first line says (emphasis mine):

You sacrifice part of your health to repair those of another creature Injuries

This largely implies that you are not eligible, but the mechanical descriptive sentences that follow (see below) do not list a requirement like that when you actually choose the hit point recipient.

Jeremy Crawford it does reinforce the importance of that first line and that You must not heal yourself with the Life Transfer (emphasis mine)

The first life transfer sentence expresses how the spell works: "You sacrifice part of your health to repair the wounds of another creature." That is another person who is healing, not you.

Spell language seems to contradict itself. The second sentence describing the mechanics of the spell (Xanathar & # 39; s, pp160) requires the following (emphasis mine):

Take necrotic damage 4d8and a creature of your choice that you can see within range recover a hit point count equal to twice the necrotic damage you take.

The mechanical requirements according to that sentence are that you take damage and then choose a creature within 30 & # 39; that you can see to recover life points.

It does not establish that it must be one other creature or you can't choose yourself, so there really is no limitation here that prevents you from taking damage and taking life points.

This is highly unlikely. Crawford has clarified that this is not how the spell works, and this is probably a problem with the wording of the spell in that second sentence.

We can take the name Life transfer and the language of the first sentence to conclude that you are not supposed to do this to yourself.