dnd 5e – Can I use Gloves of Thievery with Mage Hand Legerdemain?

Thievery gloves:

These gloves are invisible while they are worn. While you use them, you gain a +5 bonus to the Dexterity (Hand Skill) controls and Dexterity controls made to open padlocks.

Hand of magician Legerdemain:

When you cast the magician's hand, you can make the spectral hand invisible, save or retrieve objects, or use the thieves' tools to open locks and disarm traps within reach. You can disguise this with a Sleight of Hand check, and you can use the bonus action given by your Cunning Action to control the hand.

Technically, the gloves are in the hands of the character, but would the bonus they provide also affect the additional actions you can take with this special feature given by being an Arcane Trickster?