dnd 5e – Are there existing rules / knowledge for MTG planewalkers?

There are no specific rules for the Planeswalker characters in D & D, probably because they really are not necessary

If we reduce the MTG Planeswalkers to its key properties; they are really powerful spell casters / entities and have the specific ability (and only in the MtG muliverso) to travel between planes (there is some difference in cosmologies, so maybe it's more like traveling between worlds in D & D, but we can ignore it ).

D & D already has wonderful ways to represent such characters; Spellcasters of high level with access to change of plane (I gate. That spell is available for most spell classes (Cleric, Druid, Sorcerer, Wizard, Wizard), and therefore, having that ability as part of the skill of the class makes it fit perfectly to the rules of D & D without rules or strange options.

If you would like a feature / option of D & D that could represent the & # 39; Spark & ​​# 39; of Planeswalker (a MtG term), would have to be independent of classes and races, so it could still represent the variety of possible Planeswalkers, and the ability to choose a seventh level spell, even if restricted to only self or similar, is probably beyond the "reach of power" of endowments and funds and more in the territory of Epic Boon (see DMG page 231). What you do in terms of the trauma usually necessary to light a person Spark, is your own business.

As for the tradition, any information about MtG Planeswalkers will be found in the specific MtG material, not in the core "D & D" material.