dnd 5e – Are the druids lunar druids? If so, by how much?

I have been looking at the Druid of the Moon, and I see many repeated problems related to their resources, their health and their sustainability. Are they too strong compared to other classes? If not, what do I lack?

To simplify things, I will focus on the range of level 2-6, since level 2 is where the Moon Druid is considered the strongest, and level 6 is where it is often considered to be "stagnant".


As far as I know, the Druids of the Moon, as early as in level 2, can switch to CR 1 beasts, which include Brown Bear 34, who can perform two attacks per turn (+5 to hit, 9 damage) per stroke). This adds to all the skills and health of a complete Druid pitcher.

For the sake of comparisons, a player with 14 Statutes and an average hit roll (midway between 1d8 and 1d10, or 5 on average) will have:

Average health of the character by level

  • Level 1: 11 HP
  • Level 2: 18 HP
  • Level 3: 25 HP
  • Level 4: 32 HP
  • Level 5: 39 HP
  • Level 6: 46 HP.
  • Level 7: 53 HP
  • Level 8: 60 HP

Not only does the brown druid mole bear have as much health as a level 3 character, but the druid form will also have approximately the amount of health of an average level 2 character. Combined (52 HP), they effectively have as much health as a level 7 character.

In addition, the druid can use Wild Shape several times a day. With twice the short break and the estimate of approximately 1.5 short breaks in a day, this translates to approximately approximately 5 uses, giving an effective bonus of 170 HP if the combat extends throughout the day, or 68 HP of Bonus before needing a short break.

And this is at level 2.

Subsequent levels:

Even when it is known that lunar druids are "reduced" around level 6, they gain access to a creature with 60 life points while having about 40 HP. At this point, the full launch potential of the Druid kicks in, allowing access to spells such as Call Lightning, Sleet Storm, and other spells that few other classes / constructions gain access to.


Many of the characteristics of the beast include abilities or attacks that completely eclipse other kinds of melee combat, such as the Brown Bear Multiple Attack, which allows them to attack twice (+6 to hit, 9 average damage) when a fighter at the same level can only attack once. (Approximately +5 to hit, 8.5 average damage).

A barbarian, who has Rage for duplicating health, would have twice as much health as other characters. With a modifier of 1d12 and +3, a level 2 barbarian would have approximately 25 real HP, and with Rage reducing all damage by half, and assuming we are only working with the types of damage that Rage can withstand, we are talking of a cash 50 HP. This is the same as the combined health of the druid with the brown bear form, but this value must be rationed throughout the day.

At level 6, this value increases dramatically, with approximately 63 HP, or 126 HP effective with Rage that can absorb in a day. At this level, they are two uses of the wild form of a druid, or indeed, the equivalent in resources of a brief rest.

At level 6, a druid can receive both punishment in a brief Rest as a barbarian in a whole day.


It is difficult to compare the Druids of the Moon with other pitchers, since they can not pitch during their signature form. However, with its full launch capabilities, it is a clear choice in the release of power over mestizos, such as the Arcane Trickster, Eldritch Knight, Ranger or Paladin. The easiest setting to launch is probably the Druid Circle of Dreams, which, like Druid Moon, does not have passive abilities that work directly with casting spells.

In terms of release, Moon Druid's only weakness is the fact that his melee form can not be cast, and is as good as a pitcher in all other cases.

As for power, its druid form is only found somewhere between the effectiveness of an Eldritch knight (bottom end) and a "Gish" type launcher, such as a bard of College of Swords or a Bladesinger magician (top end ).

Combined / Summary

Lunar druids are as effective as the strongest martial classes, and at least as effective as a pitcher like mestizos, if not more so.

My goal is to make the Druids of the Moon use all their resources and not outshine other players. When the Assistant has run out of resources and is turning to Cantrips at the end of the day, I also want my Druid Moon to do the same.

But before that, I want to understand how much change is needed to take the Druid of the Moon to that level, or if it is justified at all.

  • Is my analysis of the lunar druids correct?
  • Are they more powerful than other characters?
  • And if it can be quantified, how much?