dnd 5e – A PC Lycan Druid gains the resistances of a lycanthrope in humanoid form and while it is in the wild?

I'm a DM playing Out of the abyss and I have chosen to use Topsy and Turvy as prefabricated characters for my players. I want them to be druids with the desire to control their lycanthropy. Both are wererats, and I'm confused about how to apply lycanthropy bonuses to the druid's wild-form function.

Question 1: The rules seem to imply that the immunity to damage provided by lycanthropy also affects the humanoid form (MM, page 207).

A character who becomes a lycanthrope keeps his statistics.
Except as specified by the type of lycanthrope. The character wins the
The speeds of the lycanthrope in non-humanoid form, damage the immunities, the traits,
and actions that do not involve teams.

Does a humanoid PC lycan get the resistances associated with the lycan? The placement of the commas in the above except that they seem to indicate yes.

Question 2: The rules seem to imply that a druid who uses Wild Form imparts the bonuses of his race, class and other sources to his Wild Form forms.

You retain the benefit of any characteristic of your class, race or other
source and you can use them if the new form is physically able to do
so. However, you can not use any of your special senses, such as
Darkvision, unless your new form also makes that sense.

Would that include the resistances provided by lycanthropy? The words "other source" seem to indicate yes.