dnd 3.5e – Ways to benefit from Warshaper without losing my base form

I am looking at building a character with monstrous hit die and at least one level adjustment. This character focuses heavily on natural weapon attacks and I would like to include the Warshaper class (from Complete Warrior, page 89) in the build. However, in the description for the class it states: “The class features function only when the warshaper is in a form other than her own.” How can I make use of the class features by taking a form that is “other than (my) own” but still has the benefits of my base form? Classes that grant wild shape such as the Bear Warrior, Druid, and 3.0 Shapeshifter are not sufficient because I want to keep my own natural weapons, natural and manufactured armor, and ability score modifiers.

Lycanthropy does appear to be a valid option that would use my race as the base when creating an alternate form, but at the minimum it would add another HD and LA, which I would like to avoid. The specific character is a non-psionic Thri-Kreen (2 racial HD and a +1 LA) with the Feral template (+1 LA). Given his four “dead” levels, -6 to Intelligence, and -4 Charisma magical options are limited for this character. However, class levels, feats, allegiances, magic items, etc. are all on the table.